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                About the GroupChinese


                      Shandong Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd (SISG) was established on Mar. 17,2008, with a registered capital of 11.193 billion RMB. SISG is the limited liability company invested by State-owned assets supervision and administration committee of shandong provincial people's government, Shandong Guohui investment Limited Company and Shandong social security fund council.

                      The subsidiaries and auxiliary organizations of SISG include: Jinan Iron & Steel Group Ltd. Co., Laiwu Iron & Steel Group Ltd. Co., SISG Mining Company Ltd., Shandong Vocational College of Industry, SISG real estate Company Ltd., SISG International trading Company Ltd., SISG Financial Holding (Shenzhen)Company Ltd., SISG Yongfeng Zibo Company Ltd., SISG Finance Company Ltd.,Shanxin Software Company Ltd., Shandong Refractory Materials Company, Zibo Zhanggang Ltd. Co. and three A-share listed companies include Shandong Iron & Steel Corporation, Shandong Jinling Iron Mine Company and Zhongtai Securities as well as a H-share listed company: Luzheng futures Ltd.


                By the end of 2020, the number of full employed staff and workers of SISG is 42,000 with total assets of 368.094 billion RMB. Enterprise credit rating ranks AAA. In August 2020, "fortune" Chinese website released a list of the world's top 500, and Shandong Steel Group ranked 459. In 2019, the steel output of SISG ranks 11th in the world and 7th in China. Its comprehensive competitiveness rating ranks A + (extremely competitive) in China's iron and steel enterprises, ranks 124 in "top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2019" and 45th in "top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China in 2019". SISG ranks the 7th among the top 100 enterprises and top 100 industrial enterprises in Shandong Province in 2019, and won the title of "China's excellent steel enterprise brand in 2020" and "meritorious enterprise in the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of the iron and steel industry".

                Taking the opportunity of rebuilding the state-owned capital investment company as an opportunity, SISG actively constructs the "1 + n" (one state-owned capital investment company plus several industrial companies) organizational structure, focuses on the development of "ferrous metal mining, smelting and processing, steel trade and services, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing and technical services", and cultivates and develops industrial finance, industrial park development and operation, and information Technology and other strategic emerging industries. The iron and steel industry adheres to the principle of "highlighting coastal areas, optimizing inland areas, paying equal attention to fine products and scale". It has national advanced production lines for medium and heavy plate, cold and hot rolled sheet, section steel, excellent special steel, bar and wire rod. Among them, Rizhao Iron and steel boutique base has reached the world's leading level in terms of process equipment and professional technology. Laiwu area is an important national production base of section steel, structural steel and special steel, which is located in construction and automobile industry, construction machinery; wind power engineering, ocean engineering and other fields have extensive influence.

                     SISG firmly establishes the customer-oriented concept, strives to promote business model innovation, creates a "five in one" collaborative mechanism of customers, talents, marketing, production and R & D, and has formed strategic partnership with more than 100 large enterprise groups at home and abroad. It is an excellent supplier trusted by the world's top 500 and China's top 500 leading enterprises. Its products are distributed in 34 provincial administrative regions in China and exported to more than 70 countries and regions on five continents in the world, and are widely used in high-speed railway, shipbuilding, automobile, petroleum, bridge, construction, electric power, machinery, household appliances and other fields. It has successfully entered Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Daxing International Airport, Beijing Winter Olympic Stadium, Arctic Yamal LNG project and other important projects at home and abroad. More than 30 iron and steel products have been rated as China's famous brand, Shandong famous brand, national metallurgical products physical excellent quality award and "golden cup award".

                     SISG regards reform as a powerful driving force to accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and realize high-quality development. It takes reform as the overall situation and demands vitality, efficiency and efficiency from reform. Guided by the reconstruction of state owned capital investment company and market orientation, we have continued to promote the implementation of more than 30 major reforms, including the reform of mixed ownership of ownership companies and the contractual reform of management. 

                      SISG has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering, Tsinghua University, Northeast University and Beijing University of science and technology. SISG has 1 national enterprise technology center, 8 provincial enterprise technology centers, 4 provincial engineering technology research centers, 1 provincial engineering laboratory, 3 National recognized quality inspection centers, 2 academician workstations, 4 post doctoral research workstations and 1 postdoctoral innovation practice base. There are 4013 senior professional and technical personnel, 1165 master's and doctor's degree personnel, 1 National candidate for the "new century 10 million talents project", 1 national outstanding engineer award, 1 Chinese skills award, 13 national technical experts, 2 Taishan industry leading talents, 17 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, 35 experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, 58 Qilu(Shandong Province)chief technicians and 2 Qilu Craftsmen. SISG has won 7 National Science and technology progress awards, undertaken 12 national key research and development projects, and participated in the revision of 98 national and industrial standards.

                      SISG adheres to safety development and green development, and forms a safety and environmental protection prevention and control system of "horizontal to the edge, vertical to the bottom". With the implementation of safety and environmental protection responsibility system as the core, strengthen the construction of basic safety foundation and double prevention mechanism, and continuously improve the level of essential safety production. SISG will continue to promote the implementation of the green development action plan and the transformation of ultra-low emission of iron and steel, and lead the steel enterprises in Shandong Province to realize green transformation and development. It has won the titles of "national circular economy pilot demonstration enterprise", "clean production environment-friendly enterprise of China's iron and steel industry", and national "green factory".

                About the Group

                      SISG has thoroughly implemented the general requirements of Party building in state-owned enterprises in the new era, adhered to and strengthened the party's overall leadership, and put the party organization's role of guiding the direction, managing the overall situation and ensuring the implementation through all links and fields of reform and development. Establish the core values of "co creation, progress and win-win", adhere to the "feelings for the people and the well-being of employees", vigorously implement the ordinary innovation of all staff, and comprehensively implement the construction of "happy and harmonious new SISG ". Adhere to working together with customers, employees, shareholders, communities and other relevant parties, share interests and create harmony. It has been awarded the title of "top ten brands" and "national enterprise culture construction special contribution unit" in Shandong Province.

                      SISG accurately grasps the high-quality development gene, adapts to the business model innovation of the new generation network information technology reform as the core, such as the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc., and has established the second three-year action plan for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, which is" aggregating Resource, open and shared to build a safe and efficient iron and steel industry ecosystem; kinetic energy conversion, innovative governance, to create a new benchmark for the development of green and intelligent industries ". It is clear that by 2022, it will anchor the world's top 500, maintain the annual actual profit of 10 billion, and transform into a high-tech enterprise.Strive to achieve transformation and upgrading in the forefront of the national state-owned enterprises, comprehensive competitiveness in the forefront of domestic steel enterprises, deepening reform in the forefront of provincial enterprises, information construction level in the forefront of the domestic iron and steel industry and to create a charming SISG of "injecting reform gene, filling market elements, having innovative characteristics and full of humanistic feelings".

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